Lo Loestrin Fe
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Prescription Only Medication Lo Loestrin Fe is a prescription birth control pill used for the prevention of pregnancy.
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Lo Loestrin Fe is an ultra-low-dose oral contraceptive pill that is effective at pregnancy prevention and has fewer side effects.

On one hand, I’m a hardworking business owner, dedicated wife, and responsible adult, but on the other... I still feel like someone learning to navigate the big world.

There’s so much I haven’t learned yet. I don’t know how to file my own taxes, I have no clue how to drive, and to be completely honest, my husband and I ate cereal for dinner two nights (!) last week. So while there’s no rule book that states you have to learn how to drive (or any other ‘adult’ skill) before you can have children, I still feel like I’m just not ready to have children of my own. That’s why my decision to take the Pill to prevent pregnancy during this stage of my life was the appropriate choice for me. To put it simply, I’m not ready to be a parent yet, so I’m thankful the Pill is able to give me the option to postpone starting a family by helping reduce the risk of pregnancy when taken correctly.

My husband and I just passed the six month mark, and while we dated for two and a half years prior, we’re only just getting to know each other as spouses. Moving in together was a big adjustment in itself as I got used to his late night fridge raids, and he became accustomed to my hundreds of beauty products sharing space in our bathroom cabinet. We have a lifetime to continue learning about each other, but right now the quality time together is hard to come by with our busy work schedules. Adding kids into the picture at the beginning of our marriage would make it nearly impossible to give each other the time and attention we both feel is necessary to build a strong foundation for our relationship.

Finally, my blogger life was another factor in my decision to take the Pill to prevent pregnancy. Running a blog is a full-time job that keeps me extremely busy from morning to night. I have to consciously decide to shut down every night, because the work is essentially endless. On any given day, I can have multiple meetings, previews and events that are all on opposite sides of the city. For me, having a child would require me to pull back a bit from my ability to make a full-time commitment to my career as a blogger. When the time is right to have children, that is a compromise that I will be happy and willing to make, but until then, the Pill is the right choice for me for pregnancy prevention. Every woman’s experience is different, so talk to your healthcare provider to find out what the right choice is for you.

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