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norethindrone acetate & ethinyl estradiol tablets, ethinyl estradiol tablets & ferrous fumarate tablets
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Prescription Only Medication Lo Loestrin Fe is a prescription birth control pill used for the prevention of pregnancy.
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Lo Loestrin Fe is an ultra-low-dose oral contraceptive pill that is effective at pregnancy prevention and has fewer side effects.

Choosing a birth control is a personal decision, based on each woman’s unique needs. It’s important to make knowledgeable choices for your body, so author and blogger Greta Rose shares how she accomplishes this.

The first time I tried yoga, I knew it was going to be a lifelong practice for me. It’s rare to find a form of exercise that not only challenges your body, but also your mind and spirit too. For me, yoga helps me tune in to myself. Yoga is all about observing how you feel, allowing your emotions to arise, being present, breathing through it and making informed decisions for you and your body—on and off the mat.

As a young woman, it’s important to make knowledgeable choices for your body, including your birth control. With so many options and varying formulations, it is important to find the appropriate option for you.

Having the facts about your birth control pill is essential. And if you have questions, you’re not alone. So many of my friends and I have had questions about how the Pill works, which option may be right for us, where we can get it, how to take it and what the side effects might be. Your best bet? Talk with your healthcare provider; they can help you decide which birth control pill is appropriate for you and answer any of your questions.

Interested in trying yoga out? Here are four beginner yoga poses you can do at home:

Mountain Pose Mountain pose is the foundation of all standing poses. It allows you to stand tall in your truth, connect to the Earth, find balance, and improves your posture. I like modifying this pose by bringing my hands to my heart and closing my eyes.

Pigeon Pose This pose feels different each time you enter into it. The more you’re present with your breath, the more you can surrender and release tension in your body. Each side will react differently to this pose, so make sure you’re modifying it in whatever way you need.

Cobra Pose If you’re looking for a pose to relieve stress or stiffness after a long day of traveling, this is a great one. The cobra pose not only stretches your shoulders, chest, and abdominals but it also decreases stress in your lower back. It’s a perfect pose to work into your day, especially after you’ve been sitting on a plane all day.

Tree pose Tree pose may seem easy to the naked eye, but it challenges your mind, body, and spirit. It’s all about finding your balance, which starts with your mindset. If you’re stressed, holding on to tension, or have a wandering mind, you will have trouble balancing. The moment you tune in to yourself, focus on your breath, and release any stressful thoughts, you’ll be amazed at how deeply rooted you can be in this pose.

I have found that doing yoga helps me stay in tune with my body. There are so many ways to stay healthy, yoga is how I choose to do it. No matter what, it’s important to stay educated about your options and learn how to make them a part of your life!

(P.S. Interested in exploring a low-dose birth control pill option? One option is Lo Loestrin® Fe (norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, ethinyl estradiol tablets and ferrous fumarate tablets), the #1-prescribed birth control pill by OB/GYNs.* Lo Loestrin Fe is used for the prevention of pregnancy. However, if you are moderately obese, discuss with your healthcare provider whether Lo Loestrin Fe is appropriate for you). To learn about Important Risk Information, including Boxed Warning, for Lo Loestrin Fe, please scroll below.

Greta Rose does not use Lo Loestrin Fe, but you can speak with your healthcare provider to see if it may be an option for you. Greta is a paid influencer for Allergan, and the opinions stated above are her own.

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